What is a Talent?

A talent is everyone who is performing artist. This can be a model, a singer, an actor, a dancer, even a magician! Talents are usually people who either have a skill which they use to perform or managed to attract a fanbase with. Talents with a large fanbase, are also called influencers.

What is a talent-agency?

A talent agency is a company that functions as the middleman between the talent and the brand that needs a talent.

What is a talent-booker?

A talent-booker is someone who actively looks for talents and connects them to brands or agencies that are looking for talents.

What is the booking-ecosystem?

The booking-ecosystem is a part of the MDL Talent Hub platform where talents can look for gigs and where agencies, bookers or brands, can look for talents. When they find who or what they are looking for, they can connect with one another.

What is the difference between a Talent and an Influencer?

Both a talent and an influencer can be a performer such as an actor, singer, dancer, model, etc. the difference is that a talent, is focusing mainly on offline performances and doesn’t necessarily have an online presence and an Influencer is focussing mostly on increasing their online presence. A talent will work more on creating offline materials while an influencer will work more on creating online exposure..

What is the insurance-ecosystem?

MDL Talent Hub wants to provide safety however it can. That is why we are also implementing an insurance-ecosystem that will provide a monetary safety net for talents or brands when something happens that causes an unexpected or unintended cancelation of a certain agreement.

What is the main goal of MDL Talent Hub?

MDL Talent Hub actually has a few goals. The main one is connecting talents to gigs and brands to their audiences but also save time and make life easier for anyone using MDL Talent Hub..

What is the marketplace-ecosystem?

The marketplace-ecosystem is a part of the MDL Talent Hub platform that allows talents to set up their own webshop and sell to their fans, allow talents to rent and sell equipment to other talents and allows brands to sell products at discounted rates to talents, where discounts are calculated based on their amount of followers. -> This allows beginning talents to buy very affordable products which then in turn will get promoted whenever they perform.

Will MDL Talent Hub be available in my country?

Yes, we aim to make MDL Talent Hub available worldwide. The problems we are solving, are everywhere. This means that our platform can grow to encompass the entire world. We have to take things step by step though so we will upscale accordingly.