How is MDL Talent Hub utilizing blockchain technology?

  1. Transactions -> faster, cheaper and worldwide availability
    1. Token hour benefit, learn more HERE.
  2. Used to secure the reputation data. -> Saving pics and videos on the decentralized storage. This means there is no centralized storage space, the information or data is divided into pieces and stored across multiple locations. The code necessary to compile this puzzle of data back to order, is called a hash sum. The hash sum is stored on the blockchain. This allows us to easily prove that file A is from person B. This will eliminate cheaters from claiming someone else’s data, picture or video. -> More about this HERE
  3. Core metric collection technology. This is big data calculation that provides the number scores that define the reputation system on MDL Talent Hub

Will there be a talent filter on the platform?

Yes, we have a system that will require new talents to specify the most asked about traits when they first set up their account, to ensure that they have higher chances of being found for gigs that match their profile.