How can I get free tokens?

Free tokens, or “Bounty” can be collected in various ways. If you want to learn more about this, it is best that we refer you to an article that talks all about our bounty program which you can find HERE.

What are MDL Token Hours?

Token Hours are a sort of interest which you receive hourly, if you own MDL Tokens. Holding 1 MDL Token will earn you 1 Token Hour each hour. Holding 100 MDL Tokens will earn you 100 Token Hours each hour. With these token hours you can benefit from discounts on the platform when buying something but also when paying someone. This means that in-app purchases would be cheaper when using MDL Tokens, because you have reduced transaction fees when using MDL Token Hours. Paying someone would also be less costly because you would also have reduced transaction fees.

What are MDL Tokens?

MDL Tokens are a virtual something that you can buy, which allows you to pay and get paid on MDL Talent Hub. If you own, buy or receive an MDL Token you can choose to pay or buy something on the MDL Talent Hub platform or to cash out the value of that token into a currency of your choice (Euro, Dollar, BTC, ETH, etc.). MDL Tokens also produce Token Hours, which function as a sort of interest on the MDL Talent Hub platform.